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Predictive Equations specializes in cutting-edge machine vision technology, offering AI-driven enhancements for images and videos. Their solutions include detail restoration, deblurring, denoising, relighting, recoloring, harmonizing, and upscaling, targeting a broad range of applications across industries such as legal, forensics, healthcare, and more. They aim to unlock new insights and experiences through their technology, catering to both business and individual users.

Predictive Equations is solving the challenge of low resolution, and low quality media, such as noise or compression artifacting, enhancing images and videos to enable observational insights.

A application to leverage the AI we have developed for both businesses and the general public, through cloud and api access, as well as local install. Scheduled for release in 2024.

Predictive Equations is committing to enabling the general public easier access to AI, working in hand with researchers to deliver models and tools leveraging those models to businesses and the general public. As a part of that, we have built a number of AI to enable analyzing photos and videos. While this has been built for specifically legal end use, the dynamic and high fidelity nature of our AI system means we believe it is also of great value to other industries and the general public to enable information, research, and insight concerning their digital media.
This technology preprocesses the visual inputs to improve resolution and clarity, facilitating enhanced detection capabilities and enriched human perception within a given context. By employing a dynamic, single-shot AI approach, the system offers both flexibility and efficiency in processing, capable of performing a wide range of enhancements including upscaling (up to 32x and resolutions as high as 12k), deblurring, denoising, light amplification, and color & image harmonization. In addition to these enhancements, the system integrates a comprehensive analysis toolkit leveraging both conventional and advanced techniques for object detection, edge feature matching, face recognition, path estimation, object tracking, object extraction, and image insertion. This multifaceted approach allows for deep insights, enabling both human and machine to achieve a better understanding of the visual data. Distinguished by its use of high fidelity, non-generative AI, the system focuses on transformative operations that utilize feature mapping and context awareness. This method ensures that enhancements maintain the integrity and authenticity of the original images or videos. The technology is complemented by state-of-the-art image and video processing tools, including support for 8k and 12k video encoding, region of interest (ROI) extraction, and advanced file conversion methods that preserve the perceptual quality of the content while significantly reducing file size. This system represents a leap forward in the field of image and video enhancement, offering a robust solution for improving visual data analysis and perception.
Yes, we have 4 defendants we have enabled early release, several traffic related cases, and multiple investigations with police out of the USA.
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